Thursday, 15 November 2012

"Seer" my interpretation of the Wizard / Hermit / Magician archetype, the old cliché subject in fantasy art that adorned the side of so many a 70's/80's dodge van and classic power and doom metal album covers. It is a slippery slope to tread but the subject resonates strongly with me ever since I drew the first version titled "madness" (the chaotic youth or the fool archetype) way back in high school after having warm vivid memories of a collection of childhood prints depicting dragons and wizards and the such. My late 80's version was complete with baby dragon except the wizard was young, beardless and awkward much like myself at that age. Sometime after complettion I gave that drawing away to a friend who had a fondness for it. Ever since I have wanted to recreate that atmosphere that was so prevalent in my drawings at a young age so I suppose for me it represents a type of innocence and a reflection upon the transition from youth to elder, a reoccurring archetypal theme in the Tarot. "Though chaos to order, what was once the burdens and hindrance of youth, those of mental instability and ever a looming sorrow transmutes through the fiery initiations of memory and thought. Through seasons pass till it has become like the science of consciousness, the ritual of thought."

S E E R - Hand drawn in pencil and watercolor with some light photoshop colorization and enhancement

All Artwork and Content © Norot 2012

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