Sunday, 25 November 2012

"Nachash Sephirot" (roughly I suppose it means The Serpent Sephirot "Tree of Life") It was almost like being in a meditative state when I created this, partly intuition and partly visualization. I found myself being drawn towards the Sephirot and other Kabbalistic and Gnostic influences so I began focusing on the serpent and tree of life symbolism. Personally I feel there is a definite Kundalini vibe throughout this piece and it was an exercise I hope to expand on. Perhaps creating these mandala like images can definitely help one achieve some sort of insight since I find that it could aid in meditative visualizations as a sort of gateway to get your mind warmed up. This could be useful for those who find it difficult to visualize within their mind, it could simply be an aid to help one focus ones inner sight. the Script is an original alphabet I began to develop some years ago after finding myself deviating and modifying the popular occult alphabet called
"Theban". after many years of using  Theban I decided to develop my own unique alphabet with a definite Tolkien and Enochian Influence.  In trying to achieve a more calligraphic and fluid style I experimented extensively writing the symbols by hand. 

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